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Tax Preparation


Personal Income Tax Return Fees

$115 - $235*

Business Income Tax Return Fees

$175 - $460*

some returns will be subject to upcharges


Money Management


Quickbooks Online bookkeeping

Budgeting for success

Bill Paying

Financial coaching

and more


IRS Resolution


Don't understand that IRS letter?

I can take care of that.

Schedule a free consulation

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Knowledge, Strength, and Confidence of Triforce


Financial self-reliance is a value instilled in me as a child, one I deeply enjoy sharing with others.  But first, you must have knowledge and Triforce can help provide that knowledge you need to get there.  Second is strength.  You must have self control, patience and determination to get through the challenges.  Triforce can offer the skills needed to build those strengths.   And finally, confidence.  You need the confidence to believe in yourself and your ability to reach those financial goals.  Triforce believes in you. 

You can feel the freedom of financial security with Triforce.  


What I don't offer


I don't offer easy fixes nor magic wands.  I don't offer cover ups and shady stories.

I don't offer legal nor financial investment advice, but can get you to some great people who do! 

I don't offer debt negotiation nor consolidation services, but can certainly work with your debtors to assure timely and sufficient payments! 


What I offer


I offer tax preparation for individuals and businesses.  I offer bookkeeping services for small businesses.  I offer budgeting and money management for elderly, disabled, busy professionals, and whoever wants me to help organize and manage their daily money needs.  I offer IRS resolution on a limited basis.  If I feel your IRS issue is more than I can or want to handle, I will absolutely let you know right up front. 

Why Triforce


The Triforce is based on the Sierpinski Triangle.  It is popularly used in Legend of Zelda video games as a symbol of power, wisdom, and courage.  Triforce Tax seeks to bring together strength, knowledge, and confidence in the area of financial responsibility for all my clients. I love to help people willing to help themselves.  Let's put these pieces together and see what happens!

Lisa Cooley - Enrolled Agent

Professional Standards

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You see where you are.

I show you where you're going.

Tax Preparation

Money Management
IRS Resolution
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