Fee Summary

You see where you are.

I show you where you're going.

Triforce Business Packages*
Single Triforce - $165 Monthly
Double Triforce - $260 Monthly
Full Triforce - $390 Monthly

Includes QuickBooks Online subscription and varying degrees of accounting tasks.

-Account Reconciliation
-Income Statement review
-Balance Sheet review
-Posting transactions
-Error corrections
-Invoicing customers
-Bill paying
-Collecting and Depositing payments
-Quarterly reviews
-Closing entries

Let Triforce help you keep your accounts clean, accurate, and stress free! Then you can focus on what you are actually in business to do instead of spending hours just on the books.

Personal Income Tax Return
(Form 1040) 
Ruby  $115 
Sapphire  $175
Emerald  $235

Business Income Tax Returns
(Forms 1165, 1120, 1120S)

Ruby  $175
Sapphire  $400
Emerald*  $460

(*requires Business Package)

Triforce Tax Membership Fee

Single Triforce - $50
Double Triforce - $150
Full Triforce - $285

With a Triforce Tax Membership, you will receive support and assistance with IRS letters, notifications, tax planning, and tax resolution throughout

Daily Money Management Services

Most common Services: 
Cash Flow Control
Spending Monitor
Paying Bills
Debt Management
Financial Coaching
And much more…


Who could benefit from a daily money manager?

Elderly and Aging parents

Young Adults and Families
Disabled Adults
Extensive Travelers
Busy Professionals
And anyone else wanting to live beyond the paycheck

These are very individualized services highly dependent upon your specific situation. Hiring a daily money manager can be the decision that determines your financial future and well-being.