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Knowledge, Strength, and Confidence of Triforce

Financial self-reliance is a value instilled in me as a child, one I deeply enjoy sharing with others.  But first, you must have knowledge and Triforce can help provide that knowledge you need to get there.  Second is strength.  You must have self control, patience and determination to get through the challenges.  Triforce can offer the tools needed to build those strengths.   And finally, confidence.  You need the confidence to believe in yourself and your ability to reach those financial goals.  Triforce believes in you. 

You can feel the freedom of financial security with Triforce. 

Owner - Lisa Cooley

I am an Enrolled Agent and have several years experience in public tax preparation.  Triforce Tax and Money Management is a small operation that I run on my own right now. I'd like to see Triforce Tax grow into a solid small business with the reputation for trust, caring, capability, and knowledge.  

I have had several careers so far, the first of which was a special education teacher for infants and preschoolers.  That was my first career and the one that I built up after college.  I also coached gymnastics and have continued in the sport as a judge for youth competitions.  When I was ready to change careers, I explored insurance and financial representation which I truly enjoyed if it wasn't for the travel and time demands.  It wasn't long til I discovered tax preparation, accounting and IRS resolution.  When I had a client literally crying on my desk because I showed her how she could start a retirement plan and the IRS will pay her to do it.  She never dreamed of starting a retirement plan because she never had enough money left over.  She was so grateful for giving her the first step and showing her how she actually could afford to do it.  I fell in love with tax preparation after that.  That girl is now retired and continues to be my client and my friend. 


Triforce Tax and Money Management about helping others.  It's what makes me want to keep working and learning.


Triforce Tax and Money Management Features


JUST ME and No One Else.

No one else will be doing your taxes or your books.  So if you hire Triforce, then you are hiring me.  I've worked in offices where the client thinks the CPA is actually doing their books or their taxes, but its really the intern, or the secretary, or the bookkeeper.  The CPA is only reviewing the work and talking to you, the client.  I don't want to run my business that way.  If I am talking to you, then I'm working on your one else.  I'm not suggesting this as a business plan, but its what I want for Triforce.  That personal relationship is imperative and I won't break that trust by pushing off the work to an intern or anyone else that might work for me. 

More than Numbers.

Not only should my clients know where they stand financially now but, most importantly, in the future.  Where is the direction of the business or they personal finances heading?  I want  my clients to see not just what happened but where its leading to.  This is imperative to good decisions and business actions.  Anyone can see the balance of you accounts today.  You need to see the  expected balance of your accounts 6 months from now so you know what to do and how to effect change!  You see where you are.  I show you where you're going!  

NO Flimsy Pricing.

I detest when I'm not told how much something is going to cost, so I refuse to do that to anyone else.  My fees are clear and upfront.  If you want me to perform a service for you, then you will know what I am charging and that includes your tax return.  I believe in fair, honest, and transparent pricing.  When my clients get invoiced for Triforce services, they know exactly how much that invoice was going to be before they even see it.  That's how I want to do business and you should expect no less.